About this blog and its author

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a final year MSci Maths student at the University of Bristol and I am currently working my way towards an academic career.

My third year’s project focused on incidence theorems in geometric combinatorics, with the central ones being the Szemeredi-Trotter Theorem and the Erdős Distinct Distances Problem, together with some of their applications.

Last year, I also did a bit of supervised work in the field of Quantum Ergodicity (from a number theoretical point of view) during a 10 weeks summer research project funded by the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research. This culminated with quite an amazing result, which will hopefully be put together in a joint paper very soon!

I have some Computer Science background as well, having studied programming for 4 years in high-school and a semester at university level. This is how I came to like Cryptography in particular, and attended regular reading group meetings during my first year.

However, after having had a taste of various areas of Maths, I became certain that both my passion and my talent lie in theoretical mathematics, more precisely, in abstract algebra. The research areas I’m most keen on pursuing are Representation Theory, Probabilistic group theory or Algebraic Combinatorics.

As I am preparing my PhD applications, I thought that starting a blog might be a good way to keep all my thoughts in one place, while practicing my mathematical writing skills as much as possible.

I have a handful of ideas about what I’d like this blog to contain in the near future; however, for the time being, I’ll restrict myself to writing about things that currently interest me and about my road to postgraduate study.

So, most of the stuff here will be closely related to my thesis on Probabilistic Group Theory (in particular, triangle generation) and the Algebraic Topology and Representation Theory units I’m taking this year.

I intend to write at least once a week, but if, for whatever reason, I’m not able to, I’ll post a few interesting algebra links or some sort of fun maths stuff, like memes or videos.


P.S. : If you’ve reached this blog, you probably hold an interest in abstract algebra or (even better) have research experience in the subject, so any comments and constructive criticism are most welcome!